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Find out NOW how we can sell your home for Free Comparative Market Analysis and List Price Recommendation

When selling your home, countless decisions will confront you.  Don’t make these important decisions on your own!  “Partner” with us…when you succeed we succeed! 
For instance:  As a home seller we offer advice on which (if any) expenditures sellers should make to their home in order to achieve the highest possible sales price while spending the least amount of money on these items. (I.E. -Do not install a new deck for $10K, if the value added to the home will only increase it’s listing price by $5K. However, it may make sense to repaint the kid's room that has a “unique” color.)
Additionally, we can advise you on what these items will typically cost and provide referrals to contractors, which can do the work! 
Partnering with us gives you the benefit of years of  experience as both a home developer and a REALTOR®.

For Home Buyers: 

As a home buyer, we offer you expert buyer’s agent  advice. Often times work is needed in order to bring a home up to date or in line with what a buyer is looking for.  Before placing an offer on a house the buyer should understand what the cost of these items may be and if these items make financial sense. While we are not a substitute for a licensed home inspector we may be able to help alert you to potential “red flags” and offer knowledgeable advice on cosmetic ideas and offer creative design and renovation ideas.


Buying a home as an income producing investment property? 


As an investor looking for a property to use as an income producing rental property, we are extremely well qualified to assist you as we also offer full property management services and can advise you on the suitability of an investment property as evaluated by its estimated return on investment (ROI).

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Scott Realty LLC was founded by Kevin Scott who is the President of Mandolin Realty Inc., a property development, and holding company. Our mission is to bring the experience and guidance of a professional Real Estate Developer to the residential home buyer and seller. 


After working for and being the top producer at several of the largest Real Estate Firms in Tampa. Kevin Scott realized that unless you were a multi-million dollar investor and had relationships with construction companies, home design, landscape, and architectural firms, it was difficult for the average home buyer or sellers to get professional investment level advice on how to buy and sell homes. 


Both investors and non-professionals have the same end goal in get the most amount of money for the sale of their “Assets/ Homes”…. and/or to acquire homes at the best possible price… However, the approach the two take and the advice they receive is often dramatically different and yields generally much poorer results for non-professional homebuyers and sellers.

Most residential real estate brokerages are set up to do simply one thing…market and sell your home. There is little thought given to the “opportunity income” associated with residential real estate…which asks what a home “could be worth” versus what it is “actually worth” as it stands today. The differences here are generally quite remarkable.  


We are geared at being much more than a Realtor®…we are truly your Real Estate Partner.  When you succeed…so do we!

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